Saturday, November 15, 2014

Visitors come to visit, but should they stay for days??


It's great to have Visitors!

They change things up!

They renew friendships!

But what happens when they stay for DAYS!!

Just Arrived - Watercolour - 3.5 x 5.5   Available

This little Dark-eyed Junco just arrived the other day at our feeder.  He will stay till spring. Not sure where he was all summer but his arrival signals change!  Sure enough, we were enjoying an endless summer, suddenly wind storms, rain, deep cold and winter is here!!

But this little visitor is not like the smelly fish that Martha Stewart talks about in Visitor Etiquette.  The one you hope will leave after a few days. He is a welcomed friend. He brings life to our gray, bare trees on a drab winter day!

I wanted to capture the colours just at the moment of change with my Junco.  The reds and golds are everywhere but still that sense of summer green is in the air.  "JUST ARRIVED" seems to fit the bill!

Special Update:
Our Stellar Jay (see last post)  gave me a real surprise yesterday.  I was working in my studio when there came a tap on my patio door.  There was my jay, with his friend and a squirrel looking back at me!!

Christmas Show:
Thursday, Nov 20-Sunday, Nov. 23, 10-4pm daily, GardenWorks at Mandeville, 4746 Marine Dr., Burnaby.  
Christmas Card Making Workshops happening there as well - Thursday, Nov 20, 1-3pm.  $35 Refreshments and supplies included.  Limited space, phone 604-434-4111 to register. More info on my Workshop Page
See you there!!

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